Monday, May 02, 2016

LilliPutt indoor Mini Golf in Singapore

A visit to the LilliPutt indoor Miniature Golf course in Singapore.

LilliPutt Mini Golf course - Funtastic Singapore in 18-holes

Emily was recently on business in South East Asia and during her trip to Singapore managed to fit in a game of Miniature Golf at the indoor LilliPutt Mini Golf course on East Coast Parkway.

Emily playing at the 677th course on our tour

The LilliPutt Mini Golf course became the 677th course visited and 393rd played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour since September 2006. Singapore is now the twelfth country we've played the game in!

LilliPutt is on the third floor of the former Splash Park building in Singapore

The course looks absolutely amazing and it's a must-visit attraction if you're a fan of the game. Check out the video below for one of the many holes that uses moving parts - hole 5 and the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)!

Emily was amazed at how detailed and well built the LilliPutt layout was. On all our travels we've never seen a minigolf course quite like it!

Upon arrival at LilliPutt you depart from Changi Airport on your minigolf adventures around Singapore in miniature

The LilliPutt Mini Golf course has been designed to show Singapore in 18 'Funtastic' holes. They've certainly delivered on that promise.

Hole 2 - the Discovery Centre features a loop-di-loop with a plane on top. And a tank you putt through!

Once again Emily faced-off against her long-time minigolf rival and fellow international traveller Janie Peace. In the contest Emily secured the victory 76 to 84.

Janie playing hole 7, the Bird Park

The course has a par of 65 - and you can see why when you look at how tricky some of the intricately detailed holes are.

Hole 3 - the Turf Club racecourse - and hole 2 beyond shows the Discovery Centre

Hole 6 is the Fountain of Wealth

Hole 5 is an amazing layout of the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit system!

Instructions on how to play the hole

Another view of the MRT hole
Hole 8 depicts Singapore Port 

Hole 9 is a Science Centre - that features a Ski Slope!

A trip to the Zoo on hole 10

An Alligator, or Crocodile, lurking on the 10th
Hole 11 is a Food Centre!

Hole 15 - Boat Quay

A look at hole 16 - the Botanic Gardens - and beyond
You can also follow a brown tourist sign to find the course

For more info, opening times and prices check out the LilliPutt indoor Mini Golf course website.

They've got very nice scorecards and tickets at the LilliPutt Mini Golf course

- LilliPutt indoor Mini Golf course website

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Sunday, May 01, 2016

London Design Festival Crazy Golf course in Trafalgar Square

Visionary Crazy Golf course heading to London's Trafalgar Square.

London's burgeoning Crazy Golf scene is hoping to expand further with a Visionary Crazy Golf course set to takeover Trafalgar Square later this year. It'll be futuristic, functional, fun and free for the public to play from the 16th to the 22nd September during the London Design Festival 2016.

The iconic Nelson's Column with a concept design by Atelier Bow-Wow - this hole reminds us of a couple of net and hoop based holes we've played while competing for the GB team in Finland and Sweden

For years there's been a bit of a dearth of places to play Crazy Golf in London - although we've managed to search out, find and play a great many of them - so it's marvellous to see Mini Golf undergoing something of a renaissance in the capital with some great new indoor, outdoor and rooftop miniature golf layouts opening this summer.

We've seen - and been pestered by - a lot of seagull's on our Crazy Golf travels, but we've not played through anything like the Pigeon hole designed by Ordinary Architecture!

Paul Smith, is the curator and ambassador for the project. Other design teams include the late Zaha Hadid, Tom Dixon and Mark Wallinger as well as Camille Walala, Ordinary Architecture, HAT Projects with Tim Hunkin, NEON, and Atelier Bow-Wow.

Camille Walala’s Visionary Crazy Golf installation brings the kaleidoscopic colour of her signature designs to a dynamic 3D landscape

The team at the London Design Festival say that "Each will create a miniature pavilion that makes an entertaining, playable statement about the future of architecture, filling the square with Pop Art colours and inventive forms that will amuse and inspire both adults and children alike." Looking at some of the early designs and sketches it looks like it'll be a truly one of a kind course to see and play!

Zaha Hadid has designed an undulating course with two levels that traces the shadow of Nelson’s Column

The Visionary Crazy Golf course needs £120,000 to become a reality and the Kickstarter campaign is well underway with over 300 backers and almost £15,000 pledged at the time of writing.

The NEON Kinetic City hole - that will take some playing!

During the planning stages for Visionary Golf I was pleased to be asked for my involvement and I can't wait to play the course when it opens in September. If you're lucky/rich/foolish enough you can receive the auspicious 'reward' of playing a round with me at 6pm on the very first day the course is open!

Check out the Visionary Crazy Golf course Kickstarter page to see how you can play a round with me!

You'll also get your name on the Visionary Golf course Wall of Fame webpage. Find out about all the rewards for supporting the campaign on the Visionary Crazy Golf course Kickstarter page. I love the Wall of Fame idea - when I won the Putt Park Invitational Miniature Golf tournament in Las Vegas I received a place on their Wall of Fame and it gives you a very nice feeling indeed.

A fine minigolf victory at the Putt Park in Las Vegas back in 2011

There are some brilliant rewards for backers of the course and they range from just £5 - for a 'virtual hole in one and your name on the Wall of Fame' up to £5,000 for a chance to meet Paul Smith and receive a tour of his studio.

Paul Smith's design for the first hole

The campaign closes on June 6th so check out the Visionary Crazy Golf Kickstarter page before then.

I like the look of this LOUD musical hole by Tom Dixon

It's great to see Tim Hunkin involved in the Visionary Crazy Golf course design - he's the madcap character behind the alternative amusement arcade 'The Under the Pier Show' on Southwold Pier in Suffolk and 'Novelty Automation' in Holborn.

Hat Projects and Tim Hunkin explore functionality and lifecycle in Downfall

Having a game on one of Tim Hunkin's crazy contraptions at Novelty Automation

First staged in 2003, the London Design Festival is one of the world's most important annual design events. The Festival programme is made up of over 400 events and exhibitions staged by hundreds of Partner organisations across the design spectrum and from around the world.

In 2013 we had a walk up, down and around the 'Endless Stair' that was part of the London Design Festival and designed by dRMM Architects, 2013, supported by the American Hardwood Export Council

A very enjoyable piece of design

On our travels to over 670 courses around the world we've played some interesting courses, including some designed for art shows, exhibitions and as playable sculptures.

We've played art-based minigolf at the one-day only M!MS Mini Golf course in BedfordCrazee Golf at the TinType Gallery in London, the Bompas & Parr food architecture course on the roof of Selfridges and Putt Putt #2 by TURF Projects in Croydon. We've also not played art courses in Clerkenwell and Folkestone, where the remnants of the old Arnold Palmer Crazy Golf course were used to create a series of beach huts!

Putt Putt #2 by TURF Projects was a temporary art installation minigolf course in Croydon

Miniature Golf certainly lends itself to art events as the options for design are almost limitless. There are so many weird and wonderful layouts around the world as well as new courses opening all the time, so who knows what unique and bizarre themes we'll see and play next!

The '18 Holes' Crazy Golf art installation by Richard Wilson in Folkestone

Last year our friends over at A Couple of Putts created an art-installation course called Sparkle City Mini Putt in Spartanburg, South Carolina. While the team at The Putting Penguin have seen and reviewed a number of art-courses over the years. Last summer my friend and crazy golf rival Gareth Holmes visited "The BEST Mini Golf Course in Venice" at artist's Doug Fishbone's Leisure Land Golf - That course is now open in Nottingham!

For more information on the Visionary Golf project check out the London Design Festival website. You can also follow and use the hashtags #VisionaryGolf and #LDF16 on Twitter, and you can back the campaign and course on the Visionary Crazy Golf Kickstarter page.

- London Design Festival website
- Visionary Crazy Golf Kickstarter page

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Tee Party Crazy Golf at The Club House in Manchester

There's a tee party taking place in Manchester.

The team at The Club House at the Spinningfields shopping & dining quarter in Manchester have created a great looking Crazy Golf course to tee-off a great summer of sport. The Club House is a pop-up sports bar that'll be open in Hardman Square until the 31st August.

Classic Crazy Golf Putters on a maze hole

But if you want a game of Crazy Golf there you'll need to be quick as it closes at the end of May! It's proven to be incredibly popular since it opened on the 14th April and looks like there'll be a lot more fun to be had on the layout in the last week's of its run.

Hole 6 of the 9-hole Spinningfields Crazy Golf course

The unique holes - including a maze, football pitch and a domino layout - on the 9-hole course are dotted across the Spinningfields estate. The green fee is £5, and when your clubs and balls are returned you get £3 back. A bargain!

The course is open from 12pm to 8pm Wednesday to Sunday (and Bank Holidays).

We've always really enjoyed our trips to Manchester - back in 2009 I won the Mini Masters and Mini Open tournament there, and I also became the Chrizy Golf Champion there in 2012!

For more information on the Tee Party course check out the Spinningfields website.

- Spinningfields website
- The Tee Party website
- The Club House website

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Crazy Golf in Burray, Orkney

Brand new Crazy Golf course open in the Orkney Islands.

The UK's most northerly Crazy Golf course has opened on Burray, one of the Orkney islands. The course is the brainchild of the island community and has received some great coverage since it opened last weekend.

Crazy Golf in Burray, Orkney
A view of the most Northerly Crazy Golf course in the UK

Back in 2014 I was contacted by Dave and Pamela Woodcock from the island after they'd found my blog and it's been great to be able to give them help in getting the course built. From the photos they've sent over from the early days of building to the finished course it certainly looks unique, well constructed (one of the key factors with the 'inclement' weather conditions up there) and plays to the local heritage.

Crazy Golf in Burray, Orkney
Burray's Crazy Golf course

Each of the holes on the course was designed by local schoolchildren and Orkney-based architect Paul Green. There were over 100 designs submitted and the best of these made the cut to the final 12!

Crazy Golf in Burray, Orkney
It looks like a nice and unique miniature golf layout

Another nice touch is that each of the pupils at the Burray Primary School are being presented with a golf putter and ball to encourage them to use the new course.

Crazy Golf in Burray, Orkney
The Old Man of Hoy - hole 8 on the Burray Crazy Golf course

The island of Burray is home to around 400 people and the course is free to play (with a small hire charge if you need to borrow a putter and ball), with all ages welcome. There is talk of competitions and local matches amongst the islanders, as well as a challenge tournament versus the rest of the world!

Hole 8 - the Old Man of Hoy - under construction in August 2015

The scorecard at the course looks great too, with each hole themed and named after famous island landmarks.

Crazy Golf in Burray, Orkney
The UK's most Northerly Crazy Golf course has a very nice scorecard

The course is part of a community park development in Burray village and is open year round. The newly developed area has been funded by Orkney Islands Council, Sport Scotland Legacy 2014, Awards for All and Scottish Sea Farms, as well as additional fundraising and donations from the island community.

Crazy Golf in Burray, Orkney
How tricky does this hole look! We can't wait to see and play this finished version

We're looking forward to a game or two on the Burray course.

On our travels we've already played at the Easternmost courses in the British Isles (a Putting Green and Adventure Golf course in Lowestoft, Suffolk) and on the two highest courses - both on the Great Orme in Llandudno, Wales.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Crazy Golf on Grass at Marine Gardens in Worthing

Our friend and fellow minigolf aficionado Trevor 'Lord of Smeeth' Robertson recently sent us some photos of a new Crazy Golf course that has appeared at Marine Gardens in Worthing, West Sussex!

Crazy Golfing on grass in Worthing!

The Findon resident was on a trip to sunny Worthing and said that the new Miniature Golf course - combining Crazy Golf-style obstacles with a grass Putting surface - was located adjacent to the 18-hole Putting Green. That course became an unplayed one on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour back in 2010 as we arrived just after it had closed for the day.

What a great obstacle this'd be at Halloween!

Trevor is always keen to play a round of minigofl, but found that the new course is for children only. He did find out that rather than a golf ball players use a tennis ball!

Seeing the photos reminded us of the Crazy Golf on grass course that used to be in Cliftonville near Margate, Kent.

Worthing is also home to an 18-hole Mini Golf course at the town's Denton Gardens. Well worth a visit and a game or two.

Marine Gardens Putting information on the Adur & Worthing Councils website

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Laser Planet laser tag in Milton Keynes

Over the years I've played a fair bit of laser tag and so, while on a trip to Milton Keynes today it was great to spot that a brand new lazer tag arena was opening!

Suiting up ready to battle the Reds alongside my Green team-mates

Having spent a few hours mallratting and playing some Pool at the Hollywood Bowl my friend Cat and I were wondering what to do next. I knew there was a laser tag in the town - a sport Cat had never played before! Me and my sporting rival Marc 'The Roller' Bazeley had played a game of laser tag in the town as part of an MK sporting challenge a few Christmases ago.

A quick online search came up with the result that the team behind Laser Planet in Watford was opening a new arena on Saturday 23rd April! What an unexpected bonus it was. I've been playing the game since I was a kid, and in recent years we've tried to play a bit around the country while on our Crazy Golf travels. But in all that time I've never played at a brand new arena on its opening day. Laser Planet was so new you could smell the fresh paint as you walked up the stairs!

We received a nice welcome and found that a game amongst the staff was about to begin. We could of had the arena to ourselves for a match (something that can be great fun as I've found in contests against veteran competitors like Marc and Emily) but on this occasion we opted for a three vs. three laser tag contest.

Before battle could commence we entered the briefing room - the most hi-tech I've seen to date - after which we suited up in our vests and laser guns and entered the arena. The entrance itself is really well done - I won't spoil the surprise though. Once inside the futuristic maze we headed to our base and waited for the siren to sound (I was part of the Green team, while Cat was in the Red squad).

The 20-minute match was brilliant. The game was marshalled to ensure the rules were adhered to - no running, no physical contact, no hitting other players with the actual laser gun etc. The man in orange certainly took a few errant laser shots from the players as he was wandering around the arena.

Laser Planet in Milton Keynes gets the thumbs-up from me. Great entertainment

Our match was very close - with only five points separating the teams - but the win went to the Greens. I was the second best player on our team (yee-haa), while Cat picked up the bronze medal in the runner-up Red team.

It took a bit of a search to find the entrance to Laser Planet, but we eventually found it having walked the wrong way around the Food Centre mall. Laser Planet is next door to the old Waitrose site with stairs leading up to the first-floor venue above the New Moon Chinese buffet restaurant.

I'll definitely return and Cat really enjoyed her first laser tag experience. I look forward to future battles between us!

In the Seemingly Everlasting Laser Tag War waged between the forces of the REDSBLUESGREENS, and YELLOWS players in our 'Laser Tag Rankings' have taken part in Laser Battles in 'laser-war-torn' places including Birmingham, Hemel Hempstead, Bristol, London, Peterborough, Crawley, New Brighton, Cannock, Whitstable, Skegness, Rayleigh and Milton Keynes.

Check out the Laser Planet Milton Keynes website for opening times and prices.

- Laser Planet Milton Keynes website
- Laser Planet Milton Keynes on Facebook

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Carhartt - still going strong

I was recently interviewed about my Crazy Golf travels and exploits by the fashion retailer Oi Polloi and off the back of that treated myself to a new sweatshirt from one of my favourite brands - Carhartt.

I've been a fan of Carhartt for years. Back in the 1990's I worked in a clothes shop called Sandman in my home town of Abingdon and I've still got (and still wear) one of the sweatshirts I bought there in 1999! It goes to show how top notch and hard wearing Carhartt stuff is. It certainly lives up to its brand promise.

Then and now

The service from Oi Polloi was excellent and the Holbrook Lightweight Sweatshirt arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. I'd shop with them again.

Crazy Golfing in Abingdon. The first course I ever played, and the 31st visited for Emily and I on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour

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